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A denture is a removable appliance which rests on the oral soft tissues and the jawbone and is used for replacing missing natural teeth.

Removable dentures are one of the time-tested, reliable and cost-effective tooth replacement options which can be used in a variety of clinical situations.

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Why get dentures?

Unlike the bridges which remain fixed to the supporting teeth, dentures can be removed for oral hygiene maintenance and during sleep.


What are dentures made of?

Dependent on their intended use, dentures are made from different materials.

  • Acrylic Resins – these are the most common type of denture materials. Acrylic resins for making dentures are provided in pink colour to mimic the natural colour of gums and oral soft tissues.
  • Metal Alloys – in these dentures, the framework is made of metal alloys which are then coated with pink acrylic resin to enhance aesthetics. Naturally, metallic dentures are stronger and more durable than acrylic dentures.
  • Nylon/Flexible Dentures – these dentures are very flexible, are used for patients who cannot afford a denture with a rigid base.


What are the different types of dentures?

When it comes to the number of teeth replaced and functionality, there are three main types of dentures:

  • Partial Dentures – these dentures are used for replacing one or missing teeth in a jaw. These dentures rest on the oral soft tissues and they derive their support and stability from healthy natural teeth by using metallic extensions called clasps.
  • Complete Dentures – these dentures are used for replacing all missing teeth in a jaw. Since there is no natural supporting tooth available, complete dentures are entirely dependent on the oral soft tissues and the underlying bone for their retention and support.
  • Implant-supported Dentures – these dentures are supported by dental implants instead of natural teeth or the jawbone. A single implant can be used for replacing up to three or four missing adjacent teeth. Similarly, when replacing all missing teeth, only four implants in each jaw can be used to support a complete denture.


How are Dentures Prepared?

The process involved in the fabrication of removable dentures is quite simple. However, it requires three to four visits for completion.

  • Consultation – first, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for getting dentures. At this stage, your dentist will also prepare a customized treatment plan, in addition to recommending the type of dentures which will be used for replacing your teeth. Also, any fillings or extractions, if required, are also done before the procedure for making dentures is initiated.
  • Impression Making – in the next appointment, your dentist will make an impression of your teeth, which will be used in the laboratory to prepare a denture base. In some cases, dentists also prepare another set of custom trays which is used for making a second impression.
  • Jaw Relation Recording – during the next appointment, your dentist will record your bite by using wax rims. This is done to ensure that your new teeth are in optimal occlusion and alignment with respect to your existing teeth.
  • Trial in – after the jaw relations, artificial teeth will be placed on the wax rims at the dental laboratory. Before permanently bonding these teeth with the denture base, your dentist will perform a trial in to check for any occlusal abnormality. If everything goes well, your dentist will send the denture for final preparation.
  • Wearing your Dentures – in the final appointment, your dentist will instruct you regarding the method of wearing and looking after your dentures. That’s it. Enjoy your new smile with dentures!

Removable dentures offer a simple and cost-effective option for replacing missing natural teeth. They also improve your ability to eat and speak. If you are seeking replacement of your missing teeth, then visit us today for getting a new smile and a beautiful set of teeth with dentures.

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