White Fillings


White Fillings With An Extra Touch

The best thing about White Fillings is that they can exactly match the colour and shade of the adjacent teeth.

People nowadays have become increasingly concerned about their dental health and appearance. As a result, a big number of patients are now opting for tooth coloured composite fillings.
White fillings are safer and is an aesthetically superior alternative to the old amalgam (metallic looking) fillings.

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We at Regent Dental Practice in Cambridge know fillings and our leading dentists have together done over thousands of procedures.


What are White Fillings? 

fillings before and after, composite fillings dentist, white fillings costAccording to the Oral Health Foundation, white fillings consist of a blend of a tooth coloured resins and very fine glass particles. The best thing about these fillings is that they can exactly match the colour and shade of the adjacent teeth. Because of their excellent aesthetics and sufficient strength, we use for composite fillings for restoring damaged teeth and to eliminate cosmetic tooth defects.


Who Can Benefit from White Fillings?

Composite fillings are commonly used for the treatment of following dental problems:

  • Replace old or damaged silver amalgam fillings
  • Restore teeth cavities
  • Management of fractured teeth
  • Restore a tooth after a root canal procedure
  • Restore congenitally de-shaped teeth


What is the Process of Placing White Fillings? fillings before and after, composite fillings dentist, white fillings cost

The process of restoring a tooth with composite fillings is very simple, and it can be completed in just one sitting. You dont have to worry, we will make sure you are well informed and confident about procedure.

  • Tooth Preparation – First, our dentists will prepare the tooth by removing the damaged tooth structure. Next, we will apply a mild etching agent on the prepared tooth surface for thirty seconds. We apply this etchant to improve the bonding of the composite with the tooth structure.
  • Bonding – Next, we will apply the composite filling over the prepared tooth surface in small increments. We shape each increment and then harden it by using a special light. This process is known as bonding.
  • Polishing – Once we have restored the tooth, we will polish the filling to provide best aesthetic results, and to ensure a smooth surface finish which does not promote bacterial adhesion and development of teeth cavities in the future.


What are the Advantages of White Fillings?

The composite filling materials possess the following advantages over the silver amalgam fillings:

  • Natural Appearance – with composites, we can exactly match the shade and colour of the filling with the adjacent. As a result, the restored teeth become virtually indistinguishable for the natural teeth.
  • Tooth Conservation – a major drawback associated with amalgam fillings is that they need extensive removal of healthy tooth structure for their placement. This problem has been eliminated with the white fillings. We just need to remove the damaged tooth structure to restore a tooth with composite fillings.
  • Sufficient Longevity – with proper care, your white fillings can last for more than 5 years.
  • Repairability – in case white fillings get damaged or chipped, they can be repaired easily.


Resin based white fillings have offer an aesthetically pleasant, safe and durable option for restoring damaged teeth. Whether you need to get rid of teeth cavities or you want to get a new smile, we will take care of all your cosmetic and restorative problems with composite fillings.


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